American Airgunner Dead Eye Duel Challenge

$275.00 - $300.00
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This is a Two- Shooter target exclusively designed for the 2020 season of The American Airgunner Challenge in which target is at a minimum distance of 25 yards. It combines both accuracy and speed as each shooter is racing to the middle. It features three color coded targets that are arranged from left to right: 1. Red, 2. Tricolor red/white/blue 3. Blue. The winner is decided by the first shooter knocking down their respective targets from outside to inside until the center target in the white shaded area is eliminated.

  • 10-gauge paddle option limited to 30-foot pounds
  • 1/4-inch paddle option limited to 45-foot pounds
  • Stainless steel faceplate and reset arm hardware
  • 25 yards Dacron string per target included

How to use the target: 

Shooting the target: 

  1. Set up from left to right as if looking at target from firing line. Left: Red plate with apertures going from 3/8th to 1.5 inches. Center: Tricolor plate red-white-blue with 1.2-inch apertures Right: Blue plate with apertures going from left to right 1.5 inches. 
  2. Shooters are designated as Red team and Blue team. 
  3. Shooters stand from 25 yards.  
  4. The winner is determined by the first shooter to eliminate their respective color targets moving from outside to inside reaching the center target behind the white colored section of the center face plate.